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China produced about 430 kwh of hydroelectric energy in 2007 and was the largest producer of hydro power in the world during the same year. Ertan was China’s first hydropower plant to be built through international bidding. Towering in a narrow valley on the Yalong River, it was the country’s biggest by capacity when it began producing electricity in 1999. It would be a few years before the title would be taken by the Three Gorges Dam. The project has involved 700 technicians and specialists from 47 countries.


Ertan Chidi


It is the autumn of 1992. Female, blond, 24 years old, graduated civil engineer, with her red backpack is climbing down from the train at the Panzhihua station.

I was the only foreigner in the crowd, and mr. Wu was coming towards me and smiling. Therefore I realized he is the driver who had come to take me to the construction site. He spoke to me very warmly, in Mandarin. I didn’t understand a single word. Mr. Wu was not well groomed like the old Chinese man in a white shirt who was waiting for me at the airport in Kun Ming, nodding his had behind his sign “Holzmann”. He was also not impish like Gloria, who took me to the King World Hotel, through whose windows I could see clothing hanging behind the rised doors of the stores on the crowded street. Mr.Wu and I were part of the family who were to spend several years together, living on the construction site of the mega hydropower station, until the first jets of water from the Yalong washed down the Ertan dam.

In the meantime the sky darkened and the windows of the red Daihatsu were coloured by the left bank. I wondered wht was behind them. The lights came to end in front of the Nan Shan Hotel. Mr.Wu helped me take my things inside and explained to me that he was going to take me to dinner, where everyone was already waiting.

To be continued soon.

Ulice Kine


这是1992年女,金发碧眼,24岁的秋季,毕业的土木工程师, 与她的红色的背包被从列车在车站攀枝花爬下。




攀枝花照片, 昆明, 二滩




Beijing time is 6 hours ahead of Zagreb. The air distance between Zagreb and Beijing is  4.751.95483 miles. First record of communication between Croatian and Chinese people can be traced back to the 13th century, in the times of Marco Polo.

In a referendum held on 19 May 1991, 93.94 % of voters voted for a sovereign and independent
Republic of Croatia.

1991年5月举行的19公投,选民的93.94 %投票支持克罗地亚的主权和独立的共和国。

In 1992., when I first come to  Sichuan, China and Croatia just established diplomatic relations.


white China white Croatia

By that time, there was no e-mail, cell phone or cooling air conditioners. First 64-bit microprocessors was introduced and  the first generation of PowerPC processors was released.



Omot pisma

Coming soon…….my first letter from China